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Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures Manual - Contents

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This contents list is sub divided into the following parts, each Parts contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Introduction, Policy Framework, Principles and Values
  2. The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP)
  3. Guidance on Keeping Children and Young People Safe in Partner Organisations
  4. Managing Individual Cases – Procedures and Guidance
  5. Children in Specific Circumstances – Additional Procedures and Guidance
  6. Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
  7. Child Death Reviews
  8. Appendices

1. Introduction, Policy Framework, Principles and Values

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1.1 Foreword and Introduction to the Manual  
1.2 Policy, Principles and Values  
1.3 Legal Framework for Child Protection  
1.4 Information Sharing and Confidentiality  

2. The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP)

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The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

2.1.1 Duty to establish a Local Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP)  
2.1.2 Chairing  



The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Structure and Arrangements

2.2.1 The HSCP Groups  
2.2.2 The HSCP Structure Chart  

3. Guidance on Keeping Children and Young People Safe in Partner Organisations

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3.1 Guidance for Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers  
3.2 Keeping Children Safe in Education: Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges  
3.3 Protecting Children and Young People: The Responsibilities of all Doctors (GMC)  
3.4 Good Practice in Supporting the Voice of the Child  
3.5 Supervision Strategy  

4. Managing Individual Cases – Procedures and Guidance

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  See also: Social Work Procedures: Children in Need and Safeguarding  
  and: Hertfordshire Multi-Agency Children in Need Protocol and Procedures  


Contacts, Referrals and Assessment

4.1.1 Contacts and Referrals  
4.1.2 Families First and Early Help  
4.1.3 Single Assessment  
4.1.4 Pre-Birth Protocol, Procedure and Guidance for Pre-Birth Assessment  
4.1.5 Hospital Appointments, A&E Attendance and Discharge Procedures  
4.1.6 Hertfordshire Multi-Agency Protocol for Working with Vulnerable Adolescents  
4.1.7 See the Adult - See the Child  



Child in Need Protocol and Procedures

4.2.1 Hertfordshire Multi-Agency Children in Need Protocol and Procedures  



Strategy Meetings, Section 47 Enquiries

4.3.1 Strategy Discussion and Meetings  
4.3.2 Section 47 Enquiry  



Child Protection Conferences and Implementing the Child Protection Plan

4.4.1 Child Protection Conferences  
4.4.2 Implementing the Child Protection Plan, Core Group and Lead Social Worker  
4.4.3 Child Protection Plans (CPP) when the Child is also Subject of Care Proceedings  
4.4.4 Practice Guidance in Regard to Children and young People Subject to a Child Protection Plan that Travel Within and Outside the United Kingdom  
4.4.5 Family Group Conference
(Hertfordshire Social Work Procedures Manual)
4.4.6 Children Looked After  
4.4.7 Children Living Away From Home - under review  



Complaints and Professional Disagreements in Child Protection Processes

4.5.1 Complaints in Relation to Designated Officer Strategy Meetings  
4.5.2 Complaints in Relation to Child Protection Conferences  
4.5.3 Escalation of Concerns and Professional Disagreements about Decisions, including Convening an ICPC Updated



Support During Meetings

4.6.1 Interpreters, Signers and Others with Special Communication Skills  
4.6.2 Guidance for Parents and Carers - Recording Meetings  



Children and Young People Moving Across Local Authorities

4.7.1 Children Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries  
4.7.2 East of England Region Joint Protocol on Supervision Orders  

5. Children in Specific Circumstances – Additional Procedures and Guidance

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Child Abuse, Neglect & People Posing a Risk to Children

5.1.1 Definitions and Recognition of Abuse and Neglect Updated
5.1.2 Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme  
5.1.3 Children within the Diplomatic Services  
5.1.4 People Posing a Risk to Children  
5.1.5 Managing Allegations Against Adults who work with Children and Young People  
5.1.6 Management of Suspicious Bruises / Marks in Infants Under 6 Months Old  
5.1.7 Children who Abuse Others  
5.1.8 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
5.1.9 Domestic Violence and Abuse  
5.1.10 Fabricated or Induced Illness - under review  
5.1.11 Historical Abuse Allegations  
5.1.12 Child Abuse Linked to Spiritual or Religious Belief  
5.1.13 Bullying  
5.1.14 Child Abuse and Information Communication Technology  
5.1.15 The Identification and Management of Failure to Thrive in Infants and Young Children  
5.1.16 Children with a Disability and Child Abuse  
5.1.17 Female Genital Mutilation Procedure and Pathway Updated
5.1.18 Male Circumcision  
5.1.19 Breast Ironing  
5.1.20 Dangerous Dogs  
5.1.21 Neglect  
5.1.22 Guidance for the Provision of Care in the Presentation of Concealed Pregnancy or Late Booking in Pregnancy  
5.1.23 Children who have been the Subject of Safeguarding Concerns in School and who are then Removed from School for Elective Home Education (EHE)  



Children and Young People Exhibiting Sexualised Behaviour

5.2.1 Guidance for Professionals Working with Sexually Active Young People Under Age 18 in Hertfordshire (Including Risk Assessment)  
5.2.2 Safeguarding Sexually Active Young People  



Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) / Contextual Safeguarding

5.3.1 Forced Marriage  
5.3.2 Modern Slavery and Trafficking  
5.3.3 Hertfordshire Multi-Agency ‘Honour’ Based Abuse and Forced Marriage Policy & Procedure  
5.3.4 Hertfordshire's Strategy to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation  
5.3.5 Hertfordshire Trafficking Protocol  
5.3.6 Safeguarding Children from Abroad (including Children who are Victims of Trafficking and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children)  
5.3.7 Safeguarding Children Abused Through Sexual Exploitation  
5.3.8 Harmful Sexual Behaviour  
5.3.9 Prevent Guidance  



Missing Children and Young People

5.4.1 Children Who Go Missing from Home or Care, or Who are Vulnerable to Sexual Exploitation HSCP Protocol  
5.4.2 Children Who Go Missing, including from School  



Safeguarding the Mental Health of Children and Young People / Harmful Behaviours

5.5.1 Interagency Working between Hertfordshire Children’s Services and Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services  
5.5.2 Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour  
5.5.3 Fire Setting  
5.5.4 Deprivation of Liberty - Under 16's  



Children of Parents /Carers with Additional Needs/Concerns

5.6.1 Non Compliance or Disguised Compliance by Parents or Carers  
5.6.2 Children of Parents with Learning Disabilities  
5.6.3 Children and Families Living with Substance Misuse Protocol HSCP  
5.6.4 Children of Parents who Misuse Drugs or Alcohol  
5.6.5 Children of Parents with a Mental Health Problem  
5.6.6 Children Visiting Prisons  
5.6.7 Children Visiting Psychiatric Wards and Facilities  

6. Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

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6.1 Policy and Procedures  

7. Child Death Reviews

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Unexpected Child Death

7.1.1 Child Death Review and Response Arrangements - Rapid Response Protocol  



Hertfordshire Child Death Overview Panel

7.2.1 Child Death Overview Panel  
7.2.2 Child Death Review - A Guide for Parents and Carers  
7.2.3 Hertfordshire Rapid Response Team Leaflet  



General Information

7.3.1 Form A DSCF Information Leaflet for Parent and Carers on Child Death Review Processes  

8. Appendices

Caption: contents list part 8
8.1 Age Assessment Joint Working Guidance  
8.2 Processing an Asylum Application from a Child  
8.3 Local Contacts  
8.4 NICE - Quick Reference Guide: When to Suspect Child Maltreatment  
8.5 NSPCC Leaflet "Bruises on Children"  
8.6 NSPCC Leaflet "Fractures in Children"  
8.7 NSPCC Leaflet "Oral Injuries and Bites on Children"  
8.8 NSPCC Leaflet "Thermal Injuries on Children"  
8.9 Practice Standards for Family Group Conferences  
8.10 Recognition of Child Abuse 5th Edition - under review  
8.11 Body Chart Template  
8.12 Guidance on Safeguarding Children and Young People Affected by Gangs in Hertfordshire - under review  
8.13 NSPCC (England) Concerns Resolution Procedures including use of Authorised Person Status - Summary Document for Partner Agencies  
8.14 Amendments