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September 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Strategy Discussion and Meetings Local Guidance has been added on Processes for Allegations and Police Protection Guidance.
Section 47 Enquiry The Police Protection Guidance has been added to this procedure. This document provides local guidance about the removal and accommodation of children by police in cases of emergency. It supports the guidance published by the College of Policing.
Child Protection Conferences Section 1, Types of Child Protection Conferences has been amended.
Managing Allegations Against Adults who work with Children and Young People This chapter has been fully revised and should be re-read in full.
Children Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries The East of England Region Children’s Services: Joint Protocol on Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan, Moving Between Local Authority Boundaries has been updated.
Domestic Violence and Abuse Section 11, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference has been revised.
Safeguarding Children from Abroad (including Children who are Victims of Trafficking and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children) This procedure has been amended to reflect local practice and should be re-read in its entirety
Children of Parents with Learning Disabilities The Step Up/Step Down Process & Transfer Protocol: Practitioner Guidance (Feb 2018) has been added to this procedure.
Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour Appendix 3: Legislation and Guidance has been revised and updated.
Dangerous Dogs This chapter has been reviewed and updated.
Learning and Improvement Framework This chapter has been updated to reflect transition processes towards the new arrangements from Working Together to Safeguard Children.
Children Who Go Missing from Home or Care, or Who are Vulnerable to Sexual Exploitation HSCB Protocol This procedure has been updated.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Guidance for Parents and Carers - Recording Meetings These documents have been added to the manual.
Practice Guidance in Regard to Children and Young People Subject to a Child Protection Plan that Travel Within and Outside of the United Kingdom This chapter has been added to the manual.
See the Adult - See the Child This document has been added to the manual.
Hertfordshire Multi-Agency Children in Need Protocol and Procedures This document has been added to the manual.

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